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Wednesday Update


The application for the house didn't go through! It's a shame, but the house just must not have been meant for us! I'm sure that we will find something bigger and better for us in the future.

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The Spirituality of Skyscrapers

A jaunt in the city

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This weekend, although not quite as eventful as last weekend was still pretty great. I awoke early on Saturday morning and dragged myself out of bed, for a quick shower and breakfast before heading out into the street. I was headed three blocks away to look at a cute little one story terrace that may end up being my new home. Alana and I have been having issues with the place that we are living at now, so we are starting to look around Newtown for any other places to live. This place was adorable! 2 bedrooms, cozy loungeroom and a little courtyard out the back. The one issue was the bathroom. It was old. With a clean up it could be quite nice, but at the moment it's a little bit third world. We are really hoping to get this place, and we have so many ideas on how to make it great, but even if we don't get approved, we will keep looking until we find the perfect place.

After looking at the house and grabbling our application forms, we headed into the city with Señor, to a talk on astral projection at the Adyar book store near town hall. It was awful! There was a guy there listening to the talk, who kept interupting and making the poor guy doing the talk lose concentration. We stayed there until we couldn't bear it anymore, and then looked around the store at all the amazing books for sale.

After about half an hour we went for some lunch and a beer at the City Hotel. We sat and talked about religion and spirituality for about 40 minutes (inspired by our Adyar adventure). You know that people are truly great friends if you are happy to talk to them about stuff like that. Then we went and got some candy at a Japanese supermarket and headed into Kinokuniya bookstore for half an hour or so before heading home.

The evening consisted of Alana, our friend Julia, and I heading into the Big Echo karaoke bar on Bathurst Street in the city. We sang bad songs at drank bad wine until late into the evening, and then I headed back to Newtown and hung out at a friends place until about two in the morning.

Sunday was a sleepy day, and I just stayed at home and caught up on my reading.

All in all, another great weekend.

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Rocks and Rolls

A Day by the Quay

sunny 16 °C

"Wake up and get over here". It was my friend Bonny. I had been planning to spend my weekend in Newtown, and check out the local scenery today, but I knew that Bonny would know what was going on in the area, so I got dressed, grabbed my roommate Alana, and headed up to Bonny's North Newtown home. "You're late" was the greeting we got as we walked through the door. However, within the next 10 minutes Bonny, Alana, Bonny's roommate Eliza and I, were all sitting on the 422 bus heading towards Circular Quay. Bonny used to be a tour guide there, so we were all grinning from ear to ear, and talking about any crazy idea about the future that popped into our heads. It felt so good to be out exploring the city that we live in.

When we got of the bus, we headed straight into the Rocks and Bonny started talking to us about all the places that we would go that day. Our first stop was what seemed to be an empty old sandstone building. We walked in, and walked downstairs, straight into the basement. It was so colourful that Eliza and Alana (who had not been there before), just stood and stared for about five minutes. We had entered the Puppet Shop at the Rocks. Puppets of all sizes, from finger puppets, to life sized marrionettes lined the entire shop, and our inner children burst out as we started to look around. There was every kind of puppet imaginable; animals, people, traditional Indonesian shadow puppets, and south east Asian warrior puppets, but all of us agreed, that our favorite puppets on display were the masquerade animals. There were animals of all shapes and sizes, dressed in Victorian style masquerade gowns, suits and of course, masks.

After we managed to drag ourselves out of the store, we continued to walk down George Street deeper into the Rocks. We entered a small shopping center, and found ourselves out the front of Sticky, a store that sells candy. The exiting thing about this store however, is that the candy is all made right in front of the customers. It's a pretty amazing show. After buying some oversized musk sticks, and getting a free taste of Sticky's famous rock candy, we headed out the back door, smack bang into the middle of the Rocks Markets.

We wandered through the markets, drinking homemade lemonade, and looking at all the unique and quirky things for sale. Alana and I got really exited and ended up getting side tracked, and Bonny had to call us to see where we were. We met back up out the front of the Argyle Oracle, a new age shop set up in a terrace house. We looked around inside for about half an hour, before heading back onto the street, and up towards the harbour bridge.

As we made our way up, we came across a park, that was actually on the ruins of 8 terrace houses, built in Australia's early years. We sat around and talked, and just soaked up the atmosphere. Bonny had her camera, so we took some goofy photos, and listened intently as she told us the history of the place.

We then walked down some stairs and into the Argyle arch, a road going through an archway in the stone, that had been hollowed out by the first convicts. We came out the other side in a beautiful little area near Milson's Point, took some photos, and headed back through the arch.

We climbed the stairs to the top of the arch and entered the Glenmore hotel. We headed up to the rooftop bar with our jug of beer, and eagerly awaited our wedges with sour cream and chilli sauce to arrive.

After sitting and soaking up the atmosphere of the pub for about forty five minutes, we headed back down into the Rocks for some dessert. La Renaissance Patisserie was amazing! We bought a croissant (the best in Sydney, so I'm told), and four of the most delicious little cakes I have had in a long time, and took them down and ate them by the Quay. After we had devoured the cakes, we all sat together in the sun and started to giggle. I am still not sure if it was because we had been having such a perfect day, or because of all the sugar we had just consumed. Bonny of course, took this opportunity to take some great photos.

After the four of us had lounged in the sun for about 20 minutes, we got up and wandered lazily to the bus, talking about all the fantastic things we could do in the future. On the bus, Bonny and Eliza pulled a thermos of homemade chai out of thier bag, and we ate musk sticks and drank chai all the way home.

After we arrived back in Newtown, it was time to get the house in order, so Alana and I headed home to clean up a bit. After the cleaning, we headed down Wilson Street to the Carriage Works. Eliza and Bonny were already there, and they showed us around the warehouse, where poeple were preparing for Underbelly, an arts and music festival that will be held this Saturday. There were some amazing exibitions such as a house being put together indoors and a band playing music in time with images projected on a screen. It should be an amazing show.

After we had looked around, Alana and I headed home for a dinner of garden salad and marinated tempeh, followed by a couple of glasses of Champagne.

We then headed out down the South end of King Street to Saint Peters. We arrived at a party known in the area as Déjà Vu, a chilled out music party in the middle of an industrial area. That means no noise restrictions! There were fires lit in 44 gallon drums and everyone was sitting around listening to the live bands and talking. It was great fun. After a few hours of talking and intoxication, we walked back to Newtown for a couple of colourful cocktails before bed.

It was such a great day, and we saw so many different sides of Sydney. There is definately more to come!

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Making the most of it.

Life in Sydney, Australia

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Mid last year, after returning from teaching English in North Eastern China, I decided on moving to Sydney, rather than returning to my little country hometown of Bathurst. I mean, Bathurst was a nice sleepy little town, where there weren't too many worries, but after living in a city with over 6 million people, it just seemed sort of....


Now that I'm living in Sydney though, I figure that I might as well treat it as if I am travelling here. I always seem to enjoy myself more when I'm travelling so this should make my life here more of an adventure. I live in Newtown in the Inner-West, so I will start my adventure there. I am finally exited about living in Sydney.

This is going to be great....

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