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Time gets Away

Update on my Life

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I've been back from China for almost two weeks now, and I still haven't updated. Life has basically gone back to normal. It's really good to be back and to see everyone again. A basic rundown of what has happened since I got back is: my roomate Emma moved back to Bathurst, and Alana's friend T'om has moved in. So now there are two boys in the house.

I have had the flu really bad and was bed ridden for three days.

And lastly, I went to a housewarming last night, and helped to save the life of a girl who was passed out in the street and not breathing. It was like something out of a bad American teen drama. The ambulance came and gave her a shot, and she was fine. It was still really scary though.

I am working this weekend, but starting next weekend, I fully intend to get back to exploring this huge city that I now call home.

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Monday Update

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On Thursday this week I will be heading overseas, to North-Eastern China. I will not be keeping my blog for China at this address, as I am keeping this for my Sydney adventures. If you would like to check out my time in China, the address is http://tommyboy.travellerspoint.com/.

Since writing this post I have taken down my China blog. It was too hard for me to update, and all the photos have been lost. Sorry guys, there's always next time.


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Inner West Adventure

Buying and Binging

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This weekend, my friend Samantha made her way up from Bathurst to spend the weekend. She arrived at about nine o' clock Friday night. We went out to get some food at BBNT, near our house in Newtown, and then went into Zanzibar next door for a couple of cocktails. We then had the brilliant idea of doing a pub run through Newtown. The next stop was Kelly's Irish Pub, where karaoke was in full swing. We stayed for a while, but as they weren't accepting any more songs, we headed a little further up the road towards Coopers Tavern. Coopers was closed so we ended up in Kuletos cocktail bar and drank cocktails until about two in the morning when we staggered home with huge grins on our faces.

The next day we went into Glebe to the markets and spent the day there shopping and talking over coffee.
It was a relatively quiet weekend, but it was great to catch up with Sam.

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Tuesday Update - Viva la Fiesta

Behind the Scenes in a Sydney Call Centre

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As I arrived at work this morning, instead of my usual "Good morning", I got barraged with "¡Hola!" from all directions. It was a fiesta party. ¡Everyone spent the day dressed up in their best Mexican fiesta outfits, and we decorated the whole call centre Mexican style with signs for each of the teams in Spanish, as well as a real cactus or two!

We spent the day playing games such as pass-the-parcel, piñata, and a game where we had to translate sayings from Spanish into English. The prizes were mostly candy, but some lucky employees were rewarded with little bottles of Mexican Tequila (¡I got three!). We of course took these opportunities to take some embarrassing photos.

Lunch was burritos and nachos with non-alcoholic sangria. It was a great day and we all had lots of fun, even if the customers on the end of the phone line kept asking what all the noise and music was. And as the day came to an end, we were all exhausted and need to take a bit of a siesta to finish off a great day at the office.

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Return to the Old Country

Long Cold Nights

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Alana and I clambered into a taxi and raced towards Strathfield station. We had missed the train....again. As we raced into Strathfied we managed to get to the train one minute before it pulled out. We didn't get a seat until Penrith. The train ride was long, but we learned a long time ago how to keep ourselves amused for the trip. Crosswords, singing, dancing, making funny faces whilst eating and laughing kept us going all the way to Lithgow.

After a 3 and a half hour trip, we got off the train at Lithgow and hit the minus 2 degree temperature with a scream. It was so cold that my nose went numb. We got in Alana's dad's car and then talked and shivered for the 45 minute trip back to Bathurst. We stopped at McDonalds for a coffee (only to warm us up, I usually avoid the place at all costs), and then we endured another 20 minute drive to my parents farm, at Mount Rankin, just outside of town.

After arriving, my parents, in the true family spirit, popped a bottle of red wine and we (my parents, Alana, and I) sat around drinking until about midnight, when there was a knock at the door. It was Kieran, my best friend since I was about 15. He had only just returned from Ireland a few weeks before, where he had been living for a year. It was really good to see him, but a little surreal. By 4 in the morning, Alana and I were roaring drunk, and Kieran had to head off as he had work in the morning.

The next day, I just lounged around at my parents house, looking through my old books, and walking through the paddocks remembering my country life.

It was really great to see the property so green, after all the years of drought, and as the sun went down that evening, I sat and watched the stars light up the sky. It was amazing! I couldn't believe I had forgotten the amount of stars you can see from the country, and the sky always seems so much bigger out there.

Alana and Samantha, a friend of mine since before I started primary school, arrived at my house and we made our way down into the paddock and lit a bonfire next to an old couch that we had dragged there. We sat around this fire, drinking wine, dancing, singing, talking, watching shooting stars and all those things that three best friends do, until about 4 30 in the morning.

We went up to the house and all fell asleep in a big king sized bed and woke up the next day feeling on top of the world. It was a little strange, until we realised that last night's drunkeness had rolled over onto this morning and we were still very drunk.

After sobering up, I went into town to see Kieran's family for a while, before going to see my Grandparents. It was great to see them, and to catch up.

I then headed up to Alana's house, and we waited there for her friend Krystina to drive us back to Sydney. I realised in the car, that I still had issues from a car accident that I was in a few years ago, because I kept freaking out during the drive. I fell asleep at Lithgow though and I slept through the whole blue mountains.

We arrived home at about 8 30 and went inside and straight to bed, Alana and I had drunk about 10 bottles of wine each over the weekend and we were really exhausted. Monday morning, I woke up to a groaning sound in the hallway, it was Alana and she had developed three days worth of hangover at once. After I woke up fully, I realised that I was hungover too, and so the week begins, feeling out of it, as per normal.

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